Article Review: UK CEOs Do not Regard Quality as Important

Reference: Chartered Quality Institute. (2013, August 20). UK CEOs do not regard quality as important. Retrieved from

In 2013, Quality Chartered Institute (QCI) conducted research that proved that UK CEO’s are not keen on quality issues as compared to other international companies from China, USA, and Germany. The study involved approximately 1991 international companies who underwent a rigorous qualitative data collection approach to understanding how important quality assurance was as a part of the entire production process.

The research indicated that only 67.1% of the total quality managers reported to the CEO on the quality assurance processes. The figure is small when compared to the global average of 74.9%. The same research in independent countries indicated that Germany had 93.7% of the quality management reporting to the CEOs, Spain had 82.8% while France had 73.4%. Nevertheless, the managerial shortcoming in the UK was also reflected in the USA, which had an average of 68.2% of the quality personnel who report their findings to the CEOs periodically and offer objective approaches to increasing the quality of the goods and services.

Additionally, the research also revealed that most of the organizations in the UK do not have standardized quality measures that could be used to increase the services quality in the future. The UK indicated 32.4% of actual quality monitoring of all goods and services entering the market while the global average for the same was 49%. Simon Feary, the CEO of CQI argued that it is possible for the CEO to give other fields such as finance and sales a higher priority as compared to quality control. Nevertheless, he cautioned that the increased lack of quality control in the UK might reduce the country’s competitive advantage in the international markets.


Despite the accuracy of the data presented, the article lacks sufficient information to justify the broad extrapolation of the UK’s future in the international markets. The UK remains advantageous in the international market with increasing ties from Asia and European countries. Therefore, it is non-objective to argue that the UK has survived in the international arena while disregarding the quality issues. The report could have indicated a past timeline to show the quality attention in the past and current before making any future predictions.

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